Senior Scooters - Trapper Senior 270

  • Senior 270
  • Senior 270
  • Senior 270
  • Senior 270
  • Senior 270

Light and handy senior scooter

With Senior 270 senior scooter you can easily move in the indoors, sidewalks and bike paths. With a single charge, you can drive 15-25 km!

    A wide range of accessories is available for all Trapper tractors.

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    Trapper Senior 270 hinta:

    1590,-+ tk

    Financing from 69 €/month!

    Technical information

    Lenght x Width x Height996 mm x 490 mm x 840 mm
    Ground clearance45 mm
    Overall weight48 kg
    Max. user weight120 kg
    Turning radius1500 mm
    Narrowest for turning2000 mm
    Seat - base height350 mm
    Wheel diameter front177.8 mm * 63.5 mm
    Wheel diameter rear203.2 mm * 76.2 mm
    Battery capacity12 Ah - 20 Ah
    Charger off-board2 A
    Max. speed6 km/h
    Range15 km - 25 km
    Controller (Dynamic)DR50-A01
    Volts of the wheel chair power24VDC (2 units)
    Type of powerD.C.24V

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